About Us

Сompany CHINESE-RUSSIAN RAIL-CONTAINER INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT FORWARDING (BEIJING) CO., LTD,  established in 2010 by the decision of Russian Railways and China Railway Corporation, has become the first and the only joint venture in the field of container shipping between China and Russia.  

Our main task is to increase container shipping between China and Russia through the train checkpoints. Our best solution is the border-crossing checkpoint Manzhouli – Zabaikalsk. You may get approximate rates for transportation of containers from China through our rate calculator, or in Blog section, where we are offering special rates on a regular basis. We have developed from a subsidiary company that provided only operational services to a full-scale logistics company that offers various types of logistics services for its customers. Most of our customers are the largest Chinese exporters with significant transportation volume. 

We offer competitive rates for container shipments both from China to Russia and from Russia to China. We are constantly looking for possibilities to lower the prices of our services without compromising the quality. 

In 2013 we opened a branch office in Moscow. In 2015 we extended the range of services provided by our branch office in Russia adding the following services: 

- customs clearance of goods; 

- services of Temporary Storage Warehouse; 

- delivery of containers to a customer’s door by container trucks; 

- temporary import / re-export of exhibition goods. 

How We Work: 

Most of our Chinese office personnel has strong experience, education in railway industry and good knowledge of Russian. 

All consultations provided by our company are free. Our experience covers customs clearance of goods as well, and we will be happy to provide consultations on all issues of goods handling both in China and in Russia. 

Special rates on project logistics. Taking into account that the shareholders of joint venture CRRC are two companies with the biggest volume of sales in container shipping, CRRC provides first-hand services at minimal rates. 

Direct contact with the stations of the China Railways and any office of PJSC TransContainer. 

Understanding of current location of loaded and empty TKRU/RZDU/TBJU containers. 

Possibility to release containers from Chinese ports/railway stations for loading in China and shipping by the China Railway network and not by sea. 

CRRC joint venture focuses its efforts on border-crossing railway station Manzhouli-Zabaikalsk providing the fastest borderline checks, advance notification and transit operations. 

We have the largest network for providing containers for loading in China. 

We provide containers for loading in China to your door and deliver customs-cleared containers with goods to your warehouse in Russia. 

Tracking containers throughout all the way using Russian Railway and China Railway databases including GPS-tracking Zillion Sense. 

We have a very flexible system of payments for our services. The CRRC branch in Russia has accounts in Sberbank, and the head office in China – in Bank Of China. You can pay for our services in Beijing or in Moscow. Postpayment option is available for regular customers.